Norovirus in fresh and frozen produce From July 2019

Norovirus in fresh and frozen produce

In 2015-16, a large retail survey by the FSA found that 5.3% of lettuce, 2.3% of fresh raspberries and 3.6% of frozen raspberries tested positive for Norovirus. No routine monitoring of fresh and frozen produce for the presence of Norovirus is currently performed in the UK. Therefore, no prevalence data has been hitherto available to help companies and retailers introduce risk mitigation strategies. However, this new survey data provides the needed evidence that monitoring of various critical points in the supply chain should be considered. If viral genomic material is found during testing, it could indicate that good practice has failed somewhere in the supply chain. This information should alert food business operators to the potential risks of virus contamination of their products.

With environmental monitoring and food sample analysis, Campden BRI is helping clients to improve their food safety management by identifying potential areas where viral contamination may be a concern. We’re also the first and currently only lab in the UK which has UKAS accreditation for the detection method for Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus in soft berries and leafy greens.

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