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The microbiological challenges of developing novel beverages From November 2017 newsletter

The microbiological challenges of developing novel beverages

At drinktec, held in September in Munich, Microbiology Manager Karin Pawlowsky spoke about the microbiological challenges of developing novel beverages.

There is a decline in consumption of traditional alcoholic drinks and many new novel beverages are being launched. Novel beverages include, amongst others, drinks with adventurous flavours, fruit juice based mixed beverages and non or low-alcohol fermented beverages. These are often produced with unusual ingredients and/or using unusual processes. This can mean that the microbiological aspects of novel beverages are not well understood. The microbiological hurdles (e.g. alcohol, low pH, low nutrient level and hop compounds) present in beers, ciders and spirits may be reduced in the novel beverages, therefore they may become more vulnerable to spoilage than traditional alcoholic beverages. This can lead to microbiological contamination and shelf-life issues.

Laboratory methods can be employed to help the drinks manufacturer to obtain an understanding of beverage microbiological stability and adequate preservative additions and/or optimal pasteurisation.

Our experts can advise you on all aspects of developing novel beverages and a white paper on technical challenges with novel alcoholic beverages is available here.

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