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Pilot scale facilities to help your NPD From August 2019

Pilot scale facilities to help your NPD

Over recent months clients have used our food and drink pilot plant facilities to help develop new products, analyse existing processes, and evaluate ideas. Examples include:

Sample and ingredient preparation

Facilities include equipment for peeling and blanching fruits and vegetables, meat processing and preparation (including sausage fillers and meat slicers), and mixers, blenders and homogenisers for products such as soups and sauce.

Thermal technologies, chilling and freezing

With 100 years of experience in heat processing foods, our facilities include thermal processing equipment including retorts and pasteurisation tanks, steam-jacketed pans, batch pressure cooking, a super-heated steam rig and cooling vessels, hot air and freeze driers, and air blast chillers and freezers, as well as a microbiology process hall.

Baking and milling

Our bakery plant includes mixers, ovens, moulders and dough presses, alongside milling apparatus that allows the removal of hulls from cereals.

Emerging technologies

Our plant includes high-pressure processing, continuous flow microwave, UV-C light, power ultrasound, and cold plasma.

Packaging technologies

We pack into a range of materials and can analyse package strength and integrity.

Brewing facilities

Pilot malting and brewing industry kit for dealcoholisation.

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