Ingredient From February 2020

New tool to help with product formulation

One of our member-funded research projects has led to the development of a database tool to help our members search for information on specific UK and EU harmonised nutrition and health drivers including sugar, salt, calorie reduction and gluten-free foods.

The tool will also help users find information relating to different health influencers and associated guidance and regulatory requirements. If, for example, a company wants to develop a reduced-calorie cheesecake, they will be able to use the tool to find out:

This information will be provided all in one place, allowing those undertaking existing or new product development a single resource of information, cutting the time-consuming task of finding information from numerous sources. Sound like something that could help you?

The tool is now available for our members to use on the Campden BRI website. To mark its launch, we’ve made it FREE until July 2020. Members can access the tool here.

Contact: Rachel Rosin
+44(0)1386 842034

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