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Proficiency in the microbiology laboratory From October 2016

Proficiency in the microbiology laboratory

In the food industry, major decisions are made on the basis of analytical results. But how do you know if results are valid? The well–established Campden Microbiology Proficiency Scheme is designed to allow laboratories to measure their performance in terms of how accurately they can recover and record known levels of microorganisms.

But now, it not only offers you a way of testing the performance of your laboratory, it can also help you when things are causing you problems, and results are not as good as you would like them to be. In our one–day laboratory consultancy service, we can visit your microbiology laboratory to assist with trouble–shooting issues or training. Proficiency scheme manager Fiona Cawkell explains:

“Our on–site customised training/trouble–shooting is provided by skilled microbiologists with the full backing of our breadth and depth of expertise. We can help in sample handling, aseptic technique and general laboratory procedures, as well as quality control issues. This will allow you to have several members of staff trained at once, and at a time to suit your busy laboratory itinerary. You can be confident that you are getting assistance in microbiology proficiency issues from experts with problem–solving expertise and practical experience.”

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Contact: Fiona Cawkell
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