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Sensory - what is Relative Profiling? From September 2019

Sensory - what is Relative Profiling?

Relative Profiling is a comparative-descriptive sensory approach. It can be used to:

To carry out this test a trained sensory panel evaluates one or more test samples objectively and quantitatively against a control sample focusing on a key set of attributes.

We recently assessed the difference in the sensory profile of two prototype cake bar samples, to be stored at an ambient temperature, against the current recipe (stored at a chilled temperature). The panel identified significant differences between the prototypes and the control, with one sample perceived as being most similar to the control in terms of its overall sensory profile. This enabled the client to identify the most suitable prototype for storage at ambient temperature as part of its product development cycle.

Contact: Susan Rogers, Section Manager Sensory Testing Services
+44(0)1386 842230

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