Sensory descriptive panel

A sensory descriptive panel is a team of trained assessors who define the sensory attributes (taste, appearance, texture etc.) which best describe products that are being evaluated.

Our Panel of highly trained sensory assessors uses a variety of methods to characterise the sensory quality of food and drink.

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We offer a suite of sensory methods using a highly trained descriptive panel which can characterise and quantify products attributes using objective terminology.

As the panel is used as an analytical measuring instrument, sensory assessors are carefully screened, selected, trained and calibrated. Their acuity and performance are regularly monitored.

All testing takes place under controlled test conditions. Care is taken to ensure that each product sample is prepared and presented in a standardised and consistent manner to ensure that no sources of bias are introduced which could have an adverse effect on the end test result.

The panel is expert in the application of a wide range of sensory test methods selection of the correct method is key and depends primarily upon the clients' test objectives.

In descriptive profiling the panel uses objective terminology to generate and define the sensory attributes which best describe the set of products under evaluation. After panel training and calibration the products are rated numerically against the agreed attribute list. The data is analysed statistically to produce a sensory profile or fingerprint.

Temporal methods can be used to characterise products by tracking the dominance or intensity of attributes over a period of time.

We offer a tailor made service using these and other methods suitable for your needs, backed up by a range of statistical techniques to interpret results.

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