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Sensory branding From September 2017 newsletter

The world of sensory branding

A brand is a promise to consumers. This creates expectations. For the best brands, these expectations are supported and re-enforced by the total sensory experience in the product, packaging, and communications at all points in the customer journey.

The 'Sensing brands' approach

The senses are a powerful doorway to the emotions, which is where most decisions and commitments are made, often at a non-conscious level. Sensing brands helps you to understand and enhance these sensoryemotional connections for significantly improved brand performance.

Many organisations will have their various brands well defined in terms of their visual identities, however there is an opportunity to:

Our Sensing brands framework has been specifically designed to help brands create a distinctive and motivating 'brand sensory signature'.

Creating a sensory signature

Sensory brands is based on four key stages that can be undertaken as discrete steps or as a complete package.

1. Completion of a brand sensory audit

2. Creating the desired sensory brand signature

3. Evaluating the effectiveness of the sensory signature through:

4. Assessing the value of the sensory brand signature

We have worked with a number of companies to help them harness consumer engagement with their brand through the senses. If you want to learn how it could work for you please get in touch for an exploratory chat.

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