Test baking From August 2016

Test baking and product development service

If you are developing new baked products, you will need to trial your recipes and processes on a pilot scale before attempting full-scale production. Ed Benham explains:

"Our wealth of knowledge and experience in baked product design and manufacture makes us ideally placed, because we are impartial - we advise on ingredients and equipment based upon performance, functionality and fitness for purpose - and can call upon a vast network of contacts in order to make informed decisions. Extensive pilot plant facilities and processing equipment includes a wide variety of mixers, proofers and ovens (travelling, convection and stonebake) of different sizes and environments to enable flexibility and experimentation. Importantly, analytical equipment allows us to detect small changes in product attributes as a result of changes to processing or ingredients."

Examples of what we can do include: analysis of flour types, specification and impact on final product quality through loaf volume; effect of enzymes on finished product cell structure and softness; functionality and comparison of improvers; flavour testing and organoleptic assessment; fault diagnosis and value engineering; and design of products to fit bespoke processes and procedures.

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