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Material Testing From September 2018 newsletter

Manufacture of test materials

Test materials are used by food companies and laboratories to help ensure their products and testing meet the required standards. Clinical trial test materials may be used in research studies to help substantiate health claims.

Reference materials are used in laboratory proficiency testing to demonstrate quality control checks have been carried out and provide evidence of compliance with standards. Key to the success of testing schemes is the homogeneity of the reference method, with the analytes distributed uniformly, and stability of the food or drink material being tested. The composition of the matrix should also reflect the food as sold; in other words, it must be fit for purpose.

Clinical trials that aim to substantiate health claims will use test samples enriched with certain nutrients. It is imperative that the design of the food produced is relevant to the proposed health claim or study and takes into account the formulation and effect of processing and shelf life on the component under test. For example, a vitamin enrichment claim in a drink should be tested using a drink that is produced in a similar way as the intended product.

We have many years’ experience in the manufacture of test materials. Using an extensive range of equipment available in our process halls, we can advise on suitable formulations and evaluate the most appropriate processing and packaging solutions to ensure stability of the material.

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