Foodborne virus research From February 2019

Effective control of viruses in food manufacturing

Effective control measures and the assessment and validation of antimicrobial treatments for viruses are essential in the food industry. The selection of the correct surrogates to validate food control measures is vital as the problem viruses themselves cannot be used.

This new member funded research will provide members with data on the effects of product composition, processing and storage on the survival and inactivation of various virus surrogates. Data will be built up on a range of surrogates and used to assess the best surrogates to use for assessing the efficiency of different control technologies. The aim is to provide a service where the effects of manufacturing processes can be assessed from start to finish using surrogates.

Previous member funded research has developed virus capability at Campden BRI and investigated the effect of UV and heat treatments and pH on viruses and the persistence of viruses in food, under various pH conditions and low water activity with different solutes.

Project: Effective control of viruses in the food manufacturing industry

Contact: Annette Sansom
+44(0)1386 842263

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