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Wheat From August 2017

Rapid wheat grain analysis - application of hyperspectral imaging

The presence of a few kernels with sprouting problems in a batch of wheat can result in enzymatic activity sufficient to compromise functionality of a whole batch of flour and bread quality. This is commonly assessed using the Hagberg Falling Number method, which is a batch analysis. Falling Number is traditionally one of the more challenging things to measure using near infrared (NIR) imaging but published research carried out by Campden BRI has demonstrated potential for Hyperspectral NIR imaging to provide analysis at the single grain level.

Single wheat grain - rapid analysis

Results are promising in terms of wheat quality assessment using this rapid and non-destructive technique which is able to analyse wheat properties on a single-kernel basis, and to classify samples as acceptable or unacceptable for flour production.

Our hyperspectral imaging system also has potential for measuring properties of individual grains in a wide range of granular food materials - not just wheat - in addition to established applications to measure distribution of composition in finished products. The system is available for research and contract work to develop bespoke methods and to test feasibility of the approach for your own applications.

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