G53 Guidelines on the safe production of aseptically processed and packaged foods

Cover for G53 Guidelines on the safe production of aseptically processed and packaged foods

1st edition (2007)

ISBN 978 0 905942 98 8

Understand the key factors that underpin the control of aseptic processing and packaging operations

Aseptic technology is the manufacture of food products which are separately sterilised from the packaging material and then filled and sealed within a sterile environment. The recent rate of commercial exploitation of aseptic technology as a means of food preservation has been rapid. This is apparent from the range of products now available in the retail and wholesale trade.

Until 1985, the foods had been primarily of two distinct types: high acid products such as fruit juices, and low acid products such as milk and other dairy-based products. However, low-acid asepticproducts containing discrete particles of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables are now also available and, in more recent years, there has been a significant growth in the use of aseptic technology for beverages, so avoiding the need for chemical preservatives. Softcover: 87 pages

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