Process optimisation

Process optimisation

What is process optimisation and how can Campden BRI support?

Potentially reducing a thermal process target, for example a target F0 or a pasteurisation value, is a big decision for a manufacturer to make. There are understandable worries about increasing the risk of spoilage and pathogenic organisms potentially surviving the thermal process. However, in many cases optimisation is perfectly feasible, and the benefits are significant (e.g. product quality, throughput, reduced energy usage).

Campden BRI can support with process optimisation using a data focused approach, either as part of a larger validation project or remotely using data provided by the manufacturer. We would consider a range of possibilities for optimisation which may or may not be appropriate depending on your product or process:

  • Review of current heat process target (F0 or a pasteurisation value). Can it be reduced whilst still having enough margin of error for potential variations in product and process, and inaccuracies in validation work?
  • Review of worse-case analysis used for heat penetration testing. Have the worse-case settings been ascertained using a logical, data-driven approach?
  • Assessment of whether the cooling phase of a process should be allowed to contribute towards overall lethality during heat penetration testing.

If optimisation is something you are thinking about exploring, get in touch with our friendly Thermal Processing team at Campden BRI - we’d love to help.

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