Large–scale coffee roaster

The production-scale drum roaster demonstrated in this video clip is similar in layout to machines used around the world, and can be used for roasting a variety of grains – not just coffee!

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The production-scale drum roaster in action here is similar in layout to commercial machines used around the world.

It is designed for batches up to 10 kilograms, but can also be successfully used with as little as 2-3 kilograms.

As such, it is ideal for product development trials and process validation work.

The gas-fired roaster cycle is about 5-10 minutes per roast, depending on load and material, and the degree of roasting required. The roasting profile is fully programmable so that the effect of different roast profiles can be tested reproducibly.

As with the pilot-scale roaster, cooling is achieved using a cold air quench, this time in a stirred cooling bed.

Nuts and barley and other grains of suitable size can also be processed in the roaster.

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