Glove box for modified atmosphere processing

This equipment allows products to be processed in an oxygen–free environment – paralleling the advantages of modified atmosphere packaging.

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Companies will be aware of modified atmosphere packaging in which we package our foods in a protective atmosphere. There are now opportunities to process in a modified atmosphere, in an oxygen-free environment. This is done in a glove box in which the atmosphere can be modified. The gas supply is connected to the machine and the various conditions are set. The digital dial indicates the amount of oxygen present within the glove box. This machine is capable of achieving an environment of less than 1% oxygen. The box and the gloves into the box are hermetically sealed and the gloves aid processing within the box. This can be used to dice, chop, puree or juice fruit and vegetable products. When processing fruit and vegetables within the glove box in this oxygen-free environment, it's ideal to prevent enzymatic browning, which is caused when cutting fruit or vegetable products in the presence of oxygen, but it can also be used for processing other foodstuffs, for instance, meat and fish. The product is then bagged within the box and sealed before passing out through a port which is also atmospherically controlled.

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