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Packaging – peel testing

Peel testing measures the strength of a package seal. It can be used to assess the force required to peel a lid from a container, and the ease with which the lid can be peeled by the consumer.

Our peel testing equipment is demonstrated in this video clip.

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The sample is placed into the testing device and an arm begins to pull the lid from the container. The force required to do this is displayed on the computer, the force of the initial peal will be much stronger than in the centre and again at the end as the lid is entirely removed from the container. This can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes and the test angle can be changed from 90 to 150 degrees and the speed at which the lid is removed from the container can also be varied. Peel testing is used to measure the strength of a seal and the uniformity of a seal particularly in tray and lidding applications. Seal integrity is very important from a food safety aspect as is ease of opening for consumer acceptability. We would expect food manufacturers to employ this test when carrying out product development to ensure that the correct packaging is used to ensure food safety and consumer acceptability.