Demonstration of Pulsed light processing equipment

This video demonstrates the use of pulsed light for the surface decontamination of food. Pulsed light can also be used for decontamination of food contact surfaces and packaging surfaces.

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Pulsed light treatment has potential for the decontamination of food surfaces, packaging and food contact surfaces. A food sample is loaded into the treatment chamber to sit on a quartz UV transparent sample platform. The sample is surrounded by lamps, the distance and angle of these affects the intensity of the light. With the sample in the chamber, the capacitors are charged and then discharged to generate broad spectrum white light. In tests on stainless steel coupons using pilot-scale kit at Campden BRI up to six log reduction in microbial count has been observed with the treatment of a single pulse. The pilot kit is available for trials on a range of materials to assess the efficacy of the approach for products packaging and contact surfaces.

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