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Bühler Food Safety Academy

Campden BRI case study

Bühler AG, an engineering company that provides plant, equipment and services to the food industry, came to us when they wanted to give their engineers a broad grounding in hygiene in food processing. We devised a modular training programme consisting of 3 days of training on hazards (chemical, physical and microbiological), hygienic design and HACCP, followed by a HACCP exam and a group assignment exercise. There were also innovative team–building exercises during the course, including an outdoor evening fondue party in a Swiss forest in the snow.

Paul Catterall, who coordinated and led the training, commented:

"It was the assignment exercise that really made this training programme stand out, as it reinforced the lessons from the programme, and demonstrated the benefit of training. The delegates were divided into groups and had to develop their own assignment, based on the previous three days training, retuning six weeks later to report back to the group as a whole. One particular group developed a HACCP pre–requisite programme for a production facility in India. They obtained significant funding from the company for this, in itself a demonstration of top level management commitment to the project."

Dr. Béatrice Conde–Petit of Bühler adds:

"Campden BRI was able to get participants to look at food from a different perspective. One participant told me that when he went shopping after the course, he walked through the shop with food safety glasses, which was a new experience for him! We have now completed two sets of training courses and are looking forward to continuing the programme."

Paul Catterall concludes:

"The team of trainers involved found it really satisfying to work with Bühler in this way – to help specialists in one area to see things from a different perspective, and in particular to use our technical expertise to bring practical benefits to a valued client."

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