International collaboration in report

International collaboration in report

Campden BRI case study

Knowledge transfer is at the heart of what we do at Campden BRI – providing the industry with information and guidance to help it with its day–to–day activities. In addition to our scheduled and bespoke courses, and our active programme of seminars and conferences, we are keen to collaborate with other organisations.

The second European fish and seafood conference, produced in collaboration with Nofima (The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research) and held in Norway, provides a great example. It arose from an earlier collaboration with Nofima on a seafood conference, which also involved Seafish (the UK Sea Fish Industry Authority) and The Norwegian Seafood Association.

Torstein Skara of Nofima explains: "We found that Campden BRI was a very easy organisation to work with. Following the success of our first collaboration we had no hesitation in working together on a second event."

The conference itself covered the fish and seafood industry under four clear themes – health and the consumer; sustainability; seafood processing technology; and non–destructive quality measurement – but it was the context of the event that made it a little bit special, as Torstein points out:

"All delegates and speakers were invited to a conference dinner and reception at the famous canning museum in Stavanger old town by the Mayor of Stavanger, and the event itself was framed by an opportunity to go on a fish farm boat tour, which took in the Kjeurda Halibut site, the CAC Salmon site, and the Marine Harvest factory. All in all, it was a complete experience for those at the event."

Increasingly, conferences and similar events need to give delegates information ‘in context’, and we have a history of being able to create complete packages for specific sectors or stages in the supply chain.

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International collaboration in report

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