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Campden BRI case study

Campden BRI is the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Master Vendor for the provision of specialist training courses. The programme managed by Campden BRI and delivered by a range of trainers from Campden BRI and other experts is designed to strengthen the competencies and knowledge of Local Authority Officers.

Between January and July 2014, over 2,444 delegates attended 117 different courses covering 27 different subjects including auditing food safety activities and processes, HACCP assessment, allergens labelling, food information for consumers, food standards factory inspection, auditing, vacuum and modified atmosphere packing, and sous-vide.

The partnership has been extremely successful with over 8,000 delegates being trained by Campden BRI since being appointed by the FSA four years ago. Both the number of courses delivered and subjects covered have increased by 45%, including an increasing number of e-learning courses, and there has been a 40% rise in the number of local authority officers trained.

Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership at Campden BRI said, "During the four years we have been working with the FSA, we have continually developed the training programme to ensure it remains relevant and matched to the needs of local enforcement officers. We were delighted that our contract was recently extended by the FSA to the end of March 2015 and we look forward to continuing working closely together in future."


Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership and Training
+44(0)1386 842062

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