Membership Categories

Membership categories

Full Membership is open to any businesses/organisations operating within the food & drink supply chain (assuming you don't offer competitive services to our own)

Full members' entry subscriptions are based on a number of factors: number and location of site/s, products, activities and processes, number of employees, annual revenue turnover. Please complete an enquiry form to receive a quotation

Associate membership is offered to Start-Up businesses, Local Enforcement Authorities, Institutes, Universities, Colleges and Trade Associations, non-competitive Consultancies

Associate Members have a fixed rate of subscription on joining and this is only then increased if approved by our Executive Council once a year. Please email or call Clare +44(0)1386 842125 for up-to-date rates

Associate members are not permitted to participate in our Member Interest Groups (Panels) unless by special invitation and are not allowed to vote on Research projects, although they are able to access MIG's minutes and agendas and view all R&D Reports. They are eligible for all other member benefits.

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email or call Clare +44(0)1386 842125 if you want to discuss membership

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