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Food industry webinars

Webinars from Campden BRI – providing insight into the science and technology underpinning food and drink production. We welcome your feedback.

Extension of product shelf-life through super chilling

This session outlines member funded project work on investigating food products showing strong potential for shelf life extension through super chilling. The webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to December 2016 (Member access only).

On-line technologies for food process control

This presentation considers a member funded project for reviewing a range of online sensing technologies. The webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to November 2016, including two case studies on electrical tomography and foreign body detection (Member access only).

Assuring the quality and safety of cereal-based food products and ingredients

This recording provides an overview of a member funded project for developing and maintaining a range of industry agreed analytical methods for cereal based ingredients. This webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to October 2016 (Member access only).

Threat Assessment Critical Control Point (TACCP)

This session briefly explains the principles and latest developments in TACCP, including the potential threats to food and drink businesses and the points to consider when mitigating these threats.

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