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Food industry webinars

Webinars from Campden BRI – providing insight into the science and technology underpinning food and drink production. We welcome your feedback.

Novel Foods Regulation – what has changed?

This presentation discusses the changes to the definition of a novel food, the authorisation process and how the new Regulation makes it easier for food businesses to develop new and innovative products and ingredients.

Enhanced shelf life evaluation using Advanced Microbial Profiling (AMP)

This recording outlines the principles and applications of Advanced Microbial Profiling and how it can be used to determine a more meaningful product shelf life (Member access only)

What are Member Interest Groups (MIGs) and what are the benefits of joining?

This webinar gives an overview of the Campden BRI Member Interest Group (MIG) system and summarises what a MIG meeting is, what it aims to achieve, the benefits of attending and how to join.

Control of viruses in food production

This session provides an overview of our latest research into the control of foodborne viruses. (Member access only).

Sugar reduction in the UK and the implications for labelling

This session explains the impact that sugar reduction is having on labelling practices for food business in the UK.

Emerging ingredients - technical challenges for innovation

This webinar identifies the latest on-trend ingredients and discusses the practical considerations for their use.

Good factory hygiene: how to avoid BRC non-conformities

This webinar explains the most common non-conformities in BRC audits against Section 4 (Site Standards)

Are you getting the most from your Campden BRI membership?

This presentation explains the full range of benefits available exclusively to Campden BRI members.

Developments in food microbiology

This session reviews some of the recent microbiological issues from across the food industry, including current challenges and developments with foodborne viruses.

New technologies for food and drink manufacturing

Campden BRI has had an ongoing emerging technologies project since the early 1990s and has reported on numerous advances. This webinar explains the feasibility studies that occurred up to June 2017, including UV-C and pulsed electric field processing. (Member access only).

Aligning brand expectations to the emotional customer experience

This presentation reviews the role of sensory branding in brand development and explains why understanding emotions is vital for connecting brands with consumers. It also considers Campden BRI's approach to sensing brands.

Predicting the results of hop blending

This webinar explores the feasibility of using predicted flavour and aroma characteristics to produce beers with a targeted sensory profile. The session highlights the developments that occurred up to March 2017 as part of a three year member funded project. (Member access only).

Extension of product shelf-life through super chilling

This session outlines member funded project work on investigating food products showing strong potential for shelf life extension through super chilling. The webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to December 2016. (Member access only).

On-line technologies for food process control

This presentation considers a member funded project for reviewing a range of online sensing technologies. The webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to November 2016, including two case studies on electrical tomography and foreign body detection. (Member access only).

Assuring the quality and safety of cereal-based food products and ingredients

This recording provides an overview of a member funded project for developing and maintaining a range of industry agreed analytical methods for cereal based ingredients. This webinar discusses the developments that occurred up to October 2016. (Member access only).