COVID-19 - Testing, factory hygiene and risk assessment

Date presented: Wednesday 6th January 2021 - 60 minutes

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on food and drink factory operations, but how can you be sure whether or not the virus is present on your site - especially with restrictions to on-site audits and inspections? This webinar will explain how Campden BRI can help you test for the presence of COVID-19, risk assess your factory hygiene and keep your site COVID secure.

COVID-19 Workforce testing | Protect your Business

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Annette Sansom

About Annette Sansom

Annette Sansom joined Campden BRI in 1998 having graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a BSc in Biology.

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Nigel Blitz

About Nigel Blitz

Nigel Blitz joined Campden BRI as a food management systems specialist in 2019 following more than 20 years’ experience as a food, hygiene and quality manager across a broad range of food and beverage manufacturing environments.

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Andrew Collins

About Andrew Collins

Andrew is currently the Global Safety Lead. He joined Campden BRI at the beginning of 2009 and with over 30-years’ experience in a wide range of food businesses (including catering), his current role focusses on the practical application of food safety management and good hygiene principles, including HACCP.

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