3D-printed food - what do consumers think? From September 2019

3D-printed food - what do consumers think?

3D-printing is a technology that is attracting interest in the food industry as a way of allowing late customisation of foods and personalising nutrition. The industry will need to know how consumers perceive 3D-printed foods as this will determine the success of this emerging technology.

As part of a member-funded research project that is independently studying this technology, we recently conducted an online survey of over 200 participants to explore the consumers’ attitudes towards 3D-printed food. We found that only a third of participants had heard about it, proving this food type’s infancy and the need to explain the technology more widely. Interestingly, over 80% said they would consider eating 3D-printed food as they were intrigued by its novelty. These results give manufacturers an early insight into whether consumers would accept 3D-printed food products.

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