What is advanced
microbial profiling
and how can it
be used? From June 2019

What is advanced microbial profiling and how can it be used?

Traditional methods of troubleshooting problems caused by microorganisms require culturing of that microorganism. This has limitations linked to the conditions used to grow microbes.

AMP (advanced microbial profiling) is a powerful DNA technique used to determine the unique mix of the microorganisms (microbiome) in a sample without needing to culture them in a lab. AMP can benefit the whole of the food industry. By showing ‘everything that is there’ - not just those microbes that can be cultured - it can help address problems that would otherwise go unsolved.

Advantages of AMP

AMP is a technique that takes advantage of recent advances in DNA sequencing technology allowing huge numbers of different individual DNA sequences to be read at any one time. This means that the individual DNA sequences of a mixed bacterial population can be read directly from a single DNA extract of a food sample.

The advantages of this are that previously uncultured organisms can be identified and little manipulation is needed to produce data regarding the bacterial composition of the sample.

Advantages of AMP over traditional culturing techniques:

Applications of AMP

We used AMP technology for a research project into enhancing shelf-life evaluation by investigating:

Read about our shelf life evaulation research here

Future research

A new member-funded research project will build on this work. It will re-evaluate microbial specifications for a range of chilled products and analyse the effect that naturally occurring microflora have on the growth of pathogenic microflora. This will allow specifications to be set specifically for those organisms of concern, potentially extending shelf-life. Indication of the effects that spoilage flora have on pathogens will give producers more confidence in the ability of their products to remain safe, should contamination occur.

White papers

New insights for spoilage, shelf-life and contamination of meat and fish products with advanced microbial profiling (AMP)
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