Analyses: Vitamin analysis; Inulin, fibre
                and sweetness From July 2019


Vitamin analysis
Vitamin analysis is not always straightforward as there can be several molecular forms of the same vitamin. Vitamin A, for example, is expressed as retinol in meat but carotenoids in plants. For this reason, a thorough knowledge of their chemistry is needed to use the correct method for their determination.

We have developed robust and reliable analyses for a wide range of vitamins in many food matrices. With our extensive background knowledge and the latest technology, we can help you design projects and choose which vitamins to test for in a food, drink, raw materials or ingredients.

Contact: Amanda Foster
+44(0)1386 842102

Inulin, fibre and sweetness Inulin has attracted a lot of interest both as a component of dietary fibre and as a source of fructan-based sweetener. Analysis of inulin (and derived fructans) is important from both perspectives. We have recently developed and validated an improved method for the measurement of inulin in a wide range of products including chocolate, honey, wholegrain breakfast drinks, smoothies, protein bars, and fructan sweetener ingredients.

We are the only laboratory that conducts this analysis in the UK, so the method is an important part of our analytical support to members and other clients. It is also an important aspect of our project on calorie reduction through fibre enhancement (see January newsletter) which is exploring the value of inulin for this purpose.

Contact: Howard Davies
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