Packaging Challenges From June 2019

Packaging Challenges

Plastic packaging is widely used in the food and drink industry. However, consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact that plastics are having when discarded irresponsibly.

At a recent Member Interest Group (MIG) meeting we asked delegates what the key technical challenges of removing or reducing plastic packaging would be for their business. Common themes were the impact on food safety and shelf-life, and impact on cost, causing higher prices for consumers.

A new member-funded research project will investigate alternative materials and the technical challenges faced by packaging/food companies in reducing or removing plastics. This will provide members with an understanding of how to design safe, more readily recyclable packaging.

As part of the three-year project, a survey will be undertaken to give members an insight into consumers’ understanding of recycling and their acceptance of alternative materials. The results of this research will allow members to make longer term strategic choices and respond to technical challenges when considering plastics.

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