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Microbiological shelf life testing

Microbiological shelf life testing – new approaches

Project team: Linda Everis
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2018 – Dec 2020
Steering MIG: Microbiology
Project Number: 144031
Proposal documentation

Establishing an accurate shelf life is key to a product’s success. The shelf life should be sufficient to allow the product to be economically viable and minimise waste whilst maintaining key sensory, chemical and microbiological characteristics. It is therefore vital that the correct procedure is used when assessing shelf life.

This project aims to reconsider the methods and procedures used to define microbiological shelf life (through setting up working groups comprising of members from producers, retailers and, potentially, government bodies), conduct practical studies to define the best practice approaches and recommendations, and then to update Campden BRI’s guideline no.46 on the evaluation of product shelf life for chilled foods.

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