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From 1 October 2022, HFSS legislation will come into force in part, restricting the in-store location promotion in retail outlets of certain HFSS food and drink products in England and Wales.

The rules banning multibuy deals on foods and drinks and restrictions on free refills for soft drinks detailed in the legislation have now been delayed until October 2025. The additional planned restrictions for banning HFSS being advertised on TV before 9pm and paid-for adverts online will also come into force in October 2025. Read our blog for more information on the current state of play for HFSS restrictions in the UK.

Manufacturers are responsible for identifying which of their products, based on the Department of Health (DoE) nutrient profiling model, are classed as HFSS. Retailers and food service operators are responsible for compliance with the UK government HFSS food legislation in terms of product placement when they sell products to consumers whether branded or own brand.

To avoid excessive curbs on marketing activity, manufacturers and/or brands may need to consider reformulating their products. Yet fat, salt and sugar provide vital sensory and functional characteristics, so achieving non-HFSS status can be a short-lived success if consumers do not buy the revamped product.

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At Campden BRI, we have an exceptional team of talented scientists, product developers, ingredient specialists, regulatory and sensory experts working hand-in-hand with clients.

To help food business operators prepare for the restrictions, our HFSS guidance and solutions include, but are not limited to:

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Bakery product development

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Gluten free product development

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Novel ingredients

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Nutrition, diet and health

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Pet food product development

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Pilot plant facilities

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