Apply Valuable Insights from Time-based Sensory Mapping with Consumers

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Use time-based sensory mapping with consumers to ensure you have a successful product that you know your consumers will love.

We are increasingly using time-based sensory mapping to obtain detailed sensory feedback on what consumers perceive during food and drink consumption. For example,

  • Does your competitor’s product have a more desirable initial ‘bite’? Or upfront burst of flavour?
  • Is the texture positively received throughout the entire eating experience?
  • Is there an aftertaste that consumers do not like?

We use ‘TCATA’ to characterise your product by time-based sensory mapping with consumers. It stands for ‘Temporal Check-All-That-Apply’.

‘Temporal’ is the key, as this method looks at the timing of in-mouth consumer perceptions during the eating experience, when the different sensations are delivered by the product, and how the consumer experience changes throughout the eating journey.

Insights from time-based sensory mapping through TCATA can be instrumental in projects such as:

  • New product development, renovation and innovation (e.g. how the new product delivers the different in-mouth sensory characteristics)
  • Product optimisation and validation (e.g. to improve or check how the different in-mouth sensations are being delivered)
  • Matching flavour or texture profiles / product matching (where taking ‘temporality’ into account is essential)
  • Shelf-life testing (e.g. to check whether an ‘aged’ product features similar temporal sensory characteristics than a fresh product)
  • Product reformulation (e.g. salt or sugar reduction, MSG removal – where practitioners need to check the impact it has on flavour/texture/aftertaste delivery)

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