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Member benefits

Benefits of membership

As the world's largest independent membership-based food research and technology organisation, Campden BRI is able to offer its members an extensive range of skills, services, facilities and resources to meet their daily and long-term technical, scientific, information and training needs. With its 300 staff, Campden BRI serves over 1600 member companies ranging from large corporations to small operations, drawn from 60 countries worldwide. Key benefits of membership include:

Comprehensive and confidential technical and scientific support: Prompt, access to the expertise of over 300 food scientists, technologists, process engineers and information specialists involved in leading-edge research and development and associated services.

Cost-effective services: Substantial discounts on contract research, services, publications, training and conferences, as compared with non-members.

Tailored services: Campden BRI´s cross-sectoral knowledge, experience and contacts provide a strong baiss for delivering customised support for agri-food clients.

Regular information updates on Campden BRI R&D reports, publications, training and conferences; Newsletter, Food Law Alert (fortnightly by Email) and New Technologies Bulletin.

Full access to the results of the Member funded Research Programme worth over £2.0 million per annum.

Exclusive access to and participation in the Technical Panels and Working Parties, which are an effective way to:

– Keep in touch with new research and development, and what is happening in the food and drink industry

– Collaborate with other companies to solve common problems and discuss topical issues

– Steer the Association's Research Programme and ensure its relevance to the Industry

– Meet current or potential suppliers, customers and partners

Privileged access to member-only password controlled sections of the Campden BRI website including research summaries and latest information on legislation.

Assistance - the reassurance of being able to contact us, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Contact: Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership
Tel: +44 (0)1386 842062 email: