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The pet food industry: A competitive edge

The pet food industry is an incredibly competitive market; new product and process innovation is fundamental to the growth of any pet food company and its profitability. With a pet food market that is expanding worldwide and which now identifies pet owners as ‘pet parents’, the prominence of the humanisation and premiumisation trends are increasingly evident and the pressure on pet food manufacturers for the next big thing continues to increase.

In this paper we take a look at the importance of the stages of NPD, not only in developing new products and packaging but in re-developing existing ones, and the areas of expertise required. We look at the pivotal role that pilot plant facilities can play in developing new products, modifying existing ones and streamlining processes to become more efficient, as well as identifying other areas of expertise such as chemistry, biochemistry, microscopy, microbiology and sensory that may be required.

Using the facilities at Campden BRI as an example, we illustrate how these key areas can contribute to gaining and maintaining market share and how they could potentially help your operation to become more efficient, resolve issues and develop the highest level of new pet food concepts ready for launch.

We have an extensive range of processing equipment, including specialist facilities for raw materials, sample preparation, packing and preservation.

Some of the equipment available at the Campden site is listed with illustrations on our website and is also available by sending an e-mail to with the subject line: send equipment. See, for a more in depth look at Campden BRI and what we offer.

New Product Development

NPD is a time consuming and costly process, but with pet food products across Europe generating a turnover of €15 billion (FEDIAF, 2014), it is often a necessity to keep up with the evolution and expansion of the market. Initiated for a number of reasons, either as a result of an internal decision or due to the demands from your customers, e.g. the retailers or the companies you co–pack for, whatever the source, the justification for NPD work will be similar:

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