Food contamination control From January 2013 newsletter

Practical hygiene help

Good hygienic design of premises and equipment makes maintaining hygiene easier, cheaper and more effective. This will not only reduce your running costs but will also give you better safety assurance - protecting your products and your brand. Craig Leadley explains more:

"Hygiene issues have always been important in the food industry - but in recent years their role in underpinning safe food production has been highlighted by their inclusion as a major part of HACCP prerequisites.They have to be in place before critical control points can be determined.

Contamination control

We can offer extensive ex
perience in all aspects of contamination control. These range from the design of the factory and the equipment that goes in it, through the testing of flooring materials and disinfectants, to the practicalities of ensuring that manufacturing operations, including the deployment of staff, are conducive to hygienic food production. We offer support and guidance in:

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