Food sensory analysis and testing

Food sensory analysis and testing

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Food sensory analysis is the use of the human senses to objectively analyse foods – for properties such as taste, flavour and texture. It is used in assessing the quality of products, troubleshooting problems and new product development.

What does the food actually look and taste like? Describing the taste of a food in a scientific way that can be interpreted by others and then using this to improve product quality in some way is a valuable and perhaps under–appreciated technique.

Campden BRI has a team of highly experienced food tasters who can evaluate the flavour, odour and texture characteristics of products. Advanced statistical analysis then allows products to be grouped, and their similarities and differences quantified. These analyses can also be‘checked’ against company or Campden product specifications to see if the product meets requirements.

We have expertise in a range of sensory analysis techniques. As well as full descriptive profiling, we also carry out a range of discrimination tests – such as triangle tests – to investigate potential taint problems or the effects on the product of changes in ingredients or process. All of this takes place in our state–of–the–art sensory facilities.

Key services

Sensory testing services

Sensory Testing

Rapid attribute profiling, UKAS accredited triangle testing and more.

Consumer testing services

Consumer Testing

Product assessment, evaluation and performance.

Innovation and insights

Innovation and Insights

Customised research designs to understand consumers' in-depth.

Sensory training

Sensory Training

Individual or team sessions, scheduled or tailored.

Group of people undertaking focus group research

Time-based Sensory Mapping

Increasingly using time-based sensory mapping to obtain detailed sensory feedback.



State–of–the–art facilities for consumer and sensory testing.

Sensing brands

Sensing Brands

Creating a distinctive and motivating sensory signature.



Working with clients from across the food and beverage supply chain.

Knowledge centre

Knowledge Centre

A selection of our consumer and sensory Research and Development reports.

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Where we refer to UKAS Accreditation

The Campden BRI group companies listed below are both accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO17025:2017 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope of methods, specific to each site, as detailed in the schedules of accreditation bearing the testing laboratory number. The schedules may be revised from time to time and reissued by UKAS. The most recent issue of the schedules are available from the UKAS website

Campden BRI (Chipping Campden) Limited is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1079 Campden BRI (Nutfield) is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1207

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