Gold Standard, PCR-based nose and throat swab COVID-19 test

PCR-based nose and throat COVID-19 test provides the most reliable means of testing currently available
Established for over 100 years, Campden BRI has long been renowned for its team of experienced and professional microbiologists. After decades of using PCR testing to support the food industry and protect consumers from food-borne pathogens, Campden is now offering COVID-19 testing to the wider public and to companies.

COVID-19 testing

Fit to fly packs

Whether you need to travel for business purposes or you’re looking forward to a much-needed holiday with the family, we can help with Fit to Fly testing and certificates. As more and more countries and airlines require proof of negative COVID-19 tests before letting you travel, we’re available to help.

Our certificates will provide a test report containing your result. Please note that it does not contain any approval from a Medical Practitioner. You should always check with your carrier for their requirements.

You can buy using the links below. We recommend to order at least a week before departure and to take your swab 72 hours before departure. Please check individual country and airline requirements as some countries and airlines have different rules.

Please select the date you would like us to analyse your test(s), we will contact you to arrange for the kit(s) to be delivered to you and for the samples to be picked up from you in time to be returned to us for analysis on the selected date.
Please note that any contact will be during normal working hours (Mon-Fri).

Once you add a kit to your basket we will reserve your analysis slot for 1 hour, please complete the checkout process within that time.

Standard service

Standard turnaround time 36 hours from receipt of your returned swab at our laboratory.

Single traveller Fit to fly test @ £125
Family kit of 4 tests @ £110 each
Large family kit of 8 tests @ £105 each
Party kit of 12 tests @ £100 each

Express service

24 hour turn around from receipt of your returned swab at our laboratory .

Single traveller Fit to fly test @ £225
Family kit of 4 tests @ £210 each
Large family kit of 8 tests @ £205 each
Party kit of 12 tests @ £200 each

Delivery and return

All prices include VAT, delivery and return courier. This is based on all swabs being mailed out and returned together in one delivery. UK only service.

Please take the samples as early as possible on the day before the booked analysis date so that the pre-booked courier can collect without delay.

Please read our Terms and conditions of service and our Privacy policy.

For further information or prices please contact us:

Where we refer to UKAS Accreditation

The Campden BRI group companies listed below are both accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO17025:2017 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope of methods, specific to each site, as detailed in the schedules of accreditation bearing the testing laboratory number. The schedules may be revised from time to time and reissued by UKAS. The most recent issue of the schedules are available from the UKAS website

Campden BRI (Chipping Campden) Limited is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1079 Campden BRI (Nutfield) is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1207

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