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Analysis and testing

Avoiding the pitfalls of nutritional analysis Download report
ContaminantsA factsheet on identifying physical contaminants (“foreign bodies”)
ImageMapping distributions of components in food through image analysis
microCTNon-destructive imaging of food and packaging using X-ray micro-CT
PacktestA brief fact sheet on the types of physical tests that can be carried out on packaging
SaltA factsheet on salt analysis
SensoryA guide for the selection of suitable sensory methods
SeparationA factsheet on using protein separation techniques
TextureA factsheet on instrumental texture analysis
UncertaintyA brief guide to Uncertainty of Measurement
ValidationChoosing a method validation procedure

Agriculture and environment

FeedA brief fact sheet on the issues facing the manufacturers, formulators and users of animal feed
PesticidesPesticides - a changing landscape that demands close monitoring
ProtectionSustainable crop protection – a white paper on reducing pesticide use

Legislation and compliance

Allergencribsheet The basics of allergen labelling
Article8 A fact sheet on Article 8 of the FIC
CanadaUpdates to Canadian food labelling requirements
ExportingExporting food and drink to the USA
FICA planning guide for implementing FIC labelling changes
FIC FAQsFrequently asked questions on the FIC
FIRTen things you should know about the Food Information to Consumers Regulation
GAPA white paper on the role of Good Agricultural Practice in the food supply chain
Gluten-freeChanges to gluten-free labelling legislation
Halal Halal compliance, the big issue?
NutritionNutrition and health labelling
ToleranceA fact sheet on tolerances for declaring nutritional values on food labels
USAUnited States Food and Drug Administration Nutrition Facts Panel Requirements Update


CleaningValidation of cleaning
The application of validation principles to continuous thermal and non-thermal processing
DRYDry decontamination techniques: what are the options?
FSAFSA Guidance Document on Safety and Shelf Life of Vacuum Packed and MAP packed Chilled Foods
Reheating Food Reheating Instructions – a Key Element in the Delivery of Safe, High Quality Foods
ThermalSeven things you need to know about thermal process compliance....

Microbiology and safety

BreweryPreparing a due diligence analysis plan for a brewery
ChilledMicrobiological safety and quality of chilled pasteurised food products
CultureThe importance of promoting a food safety culture
Food safety and quality culture excellence
FungiA brief fact sheet on the various problems caused by yeasts and moulds in the food industry
HazardsA fact sheet on chemical hazards in food
Hygiene- A white paper on personal and personnel hygiene in the food factory Download report
MetagenomicsMicrobial metagenomics and the food industry
MicrobiologyPractical microbiology training: needs and the food and drink manufacturing and retail sectors
New insights for spoilage, shelf life and contamination of meat and fish products with advanced microbial profiling (AMP)
Predictive microbiological models – what are they and how can they be used in the food industry
ProficiencyA fact sheet on proficiency schemes for microbiology laboratories
Shelf–lifeHow to determine product microbiological shelf–life
TechnologiesValidating new processes for microbiological efficacy
VirusesFoodborne viruses – what they cause, how they get into food, and what we can do about it
WGSMicrobial Whole Genome Sequencing and the food industry


Technical challenges with novel alcoholic beverages
EggA white paper on egg as a vital baking ingredient
HealthA white paper on formulating food and drink products for health claims
LegumesLegumes - an alternative to cereals?
ReplacersA review of industry initiatives to reduce salt in foods
ResponsibilityA factsheet on the Responsibility Deal
SouthamptonAn introduction to replacing the 'Southampton 6' colours
WellbeingDeveloping food and drink for a nutrition, health and wellbeing market