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This equipment e-learning module provides an introduction to In-Pack Processing Equipment including both batch and continuous retorting systems. The module is broken down into seven bitesize sessions, which includes a knowledge check and summary sessions. Duration approx 45 minutes.

In-pack processing of a heat preserved food requires two fundamental operations. Firstly, the food product is filled into an hermetically sealed container, and, secondly, the container is heated to destroy microorganisms of relevance to the food. The technology used for in-pack processing is usually referred to as batch or continuous retorts. Containers are heated in retorts using steam, steam/air or water then cooled to ambient temperatures.

The module is ideal for retort and process operators; quality assurance managers, technical managers, technical directors, export/import roles, auditors of thermal processing operations, retailer technologists, equipment suppliers, sales and marketing functions, and undergraduate/post graduate students who would like to find out more about this topic.

Campden BRI are pioneers in the development of thermal processing knowledge with all content overseen by our experienced technical experts. The module utilises a mix of graphics and images, audio and videos, interactive activities, and the use of questions and knowledge checks to deliver information in a clear and engaging way to reinforce learning.

Training Course content

  • The processing cycle of batch overpressure retorts and different heating media
  • The use of agitation in food containers (end-over-end and axial rotation)
  • Continuous in-pack retorting (hydrostatic steriliser and reel and spiral steriliser)
  • Instrumentation and control common to retorts
  • Knowledge check to test understanding

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Explain the main differences between in-pack and continuous flow processing
  • Know about the equipment requirements to safely deliver heat preserved foods
  • Describe the range of in-pack processing equipment and the requirements for different applications
  • Explain the principles of pressure retorting
  • Choose the appropriate methods for processing different foods and beverages
  • Download a Campden BRI accredited Campden Learning certificate for the course, after successful completion of the module’s knowledge check

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  • Non-members are required to pay online; members can pay online or opt to pay by invoice.
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  • Learners can access at any time and their progress will be saved as they work through the content.
  • The content uses audio and does not include subtitles of the audio on screen.
Event Director - Jo Rathkey

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