Product assessment

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Benefits of attending

Whether you are looking to; reduce cost by finding cheaper ingredients, improve or characterise quality, improve processing, reformulate by moving to a clean label or compare your products against competitors, it is important to have the knowledge and skills to analyse, identify and objectively measure the impact of these changes on the final product. From texture and viscosity, to taste and colour, it is imperative to understand the theory, instrument/equipment and methods involved when obtaining a meaningful measurement or observation of a product.

This product assessment course is beneficial for technical, quality and development teams in the food industry. From technicians and technologists who carry out routine analysis, to managers who are making those decisions about quality.

Course content

A bespoke course can be specifically tailored to your companies’ requirements. There are a broad range of topics from which to select; texture analysis, rheology (viscosity), sensory analysis (beginner), colour and imaging (micro CT, C-cell). The course will provide theory as well as hands-on practical experience on industrially relevant equipment, where delegates are encouraged to bring examples of their own products to discuss and analyse.

Course aims

• To provide background theory in selected characterisation topics to help understand the important factors that can affect measurements.
• To provide an understanding on how to obtain accurate and meaningful measurements and ensure the interpretation is correct.
• To provide practical experience on relevant analytical equipment to improve skills and competency when making measurements.
• To use Campden BRI’s expertise and experience along with discussion to develop and improve delegates’ product assessment methods and working practises.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course delegates will:
• Have an understanding of the background and theory of the relevant topics (texture analysis, rheology, sensory analysis, colour and imaging).
• Have developed their approach to product assessment with regards to choosing the right tests, methods, attachments etc. to gather the information that they require.
• Be able to set up equipment and obtain accurate, meaningful results and then interpret the data.
• Be able to use their learning to improve their product assessment methods with the overall purpose of improving quality, processing, characterisation and cost reduction.

Event Director - Jo Baker-Perrett

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