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Media management in times of crisis

Developed and delivered by our specialist crisis management and communications partner Instinctif Partners, this interactive one-day workshop is designed for staff with an interest in how to manage the media in a crisis and can be tailored to suit your organisation.




This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Benefits of attending

Scrutiny of food and drink manufacturers and brands has never been so high. Legislation and regulation get tighter and the number of UK product recalls has progressively increased year on year. Whether you are a newcomer to media handling or a seasoned practitioner, this course has much to offer.

Focusing on proven tools, tips, tactics and strategies, we will help you anticipate and deal with traditional and social media in times of a crisis - from product recalls to lobby group action, corporate governance issues or factory fires.

The workshop will cover best practice techniques for interview planning, rehearse you in complex and controversial topics, provide practical advice on how to monitor and respond on social media, and help you plan for crisis situations.

Whether you are a technical manager or an operations director, you need to understand the demands of the media and be able to work with colleagues to provide spokespeople with a clear and credible story.


Workshop content

As well as theory guidance and training notes, the format is highly interactive, based on role plays, scenario development and simulation, with a broadcast crew recording practice interviews. This is a chance to test ideas - and make mistakes - in an entirely safe environment. Delegates choose interview topics prior to the course by identifying the key risks to their business. Every delegate receives personal feedback notes and a disk, to record their ´media performance´.

Jo Rathkey – Event Director

This course can be customised and is available in house

Further information

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