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On-site microbiology training and support

This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Benefits of attending

Our consultant microbiologists are available to come to your site and customise a training course for your team(s).

Typically this could involve:

  • Audit
  • Skills assessment
  • Developing tailored training themes
  • Training at all levels across the brewery (operators, lab staff)
  • Recommendations for maintaining staff skills

Bespoke training can often be more economical and targeted than our standard training courses, and we advise our customers who have large groups to train, or need to overhaul their systems, to consider this option.

This course can be customised and is available in house

Further information

For further information, to check availability or to enquire about further options such as delivery of the course via webex please contact us on +44 (0)1737 824244 or e-mail: