Advanced Thermal Processing


18 October 2024



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Campden BRI, Chipping Campden

Benefits of attending

This course provides a deep dive into advanced thermal processing, with the aim of providing the delegate with practical knowledge that will allow them to enhance their processes whether through efficiency, robustness, or quality. The course will have a strong emphasis upon optimising processes and how this can be achieved.

The course is ideal for those who have already attended Campden BRI’s Thermal Processing & Validation course, and is suitable for people already with a fundamental understanding of thermal processing and would like to expand their knowledge. Suitable roles could be: Thermal process technicians/managers; Technical managers; Process technologists; Quality/Foods safety team members who have a specific interest in thermal processing; and Process engineers.

Training Course content

  • Analysing Process Lethality Targets
  • Optimisation (Batch and Continuous Processes)
  • Quality Optimisation
  • Modelling (CTemp)
  • Investigating Spoilage
  • Advanced Validation Techniques

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand Advanced Concepts in Thermal Processing: 
    • Explain the principles and applications of advanced thermal processing in food production and other relevant industries. 
    • Differentiate between batch and continuous processes and identify the benefits and challenges of each.
  • Analyse and Apply Process Lethality Targets: 
    • Assess process lethality targets and their significance in ensuring food safety and quality. 
    • Implement strategies to achieve optimal lethality in various thermal processes.
  • Optimise Thermal Processes for Efficiency and Quality:
    • Identify key factors influencing the efficiency of thermal processes.
    • Develop and implement optimisation strategies for both batch and continuous processes to enhance productivity and product quality.
    • Apply quality optimisation techniques to maintain the integrity and safety of processed products.
  • Utilise Modelling Tools for Thermal Processing: 
    • Employ modelling tools, such as CTemp, to simulate and analyse thermal processes. 
    • Interpret modelling results to make informed decisions about process adjustments and improvements.
  • Investigate and Address Spoilage Issues:
    • Identify common causes of spoilage in thermal processing.
    • Develop and apply investigative techniques to detect, analyse, and mitigate spoilage.
  • Implement Advanced Validation Techniques:
    • Explain the importance of validation in thermal processing and outline advanced validation methods.
    • Conduct validation procedures to ensure processes meet regulatory and safety standards.
  • Apply Practical Knowledge to Real-World Scenarios:
    • Translate theoretical knowledge of advanced thermal processing into practical applications in the workplace.
    • Enhance existing processes through the application of learned techniques to improve efficiency, robustness, and quality.


This course can be customised and is available in house - please contact for more information.

Event Director - David Whittaker

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