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Brewery microbiology – advanced

This course is available as a tailored option for those who have a number of staff who would benefit from the training. If you would like more information please complete the enquiry form

Benefits of attending

Microbiologists have many weapons in their arsenal to solve problems in the brewery, and the development of new technologies constantly adds to the list of options. The challenge is to select the best methods, and interpret results correctly and quickly.

This course will cover the basis behind more advanced methods, such as enhanced growth based technologies, molecular techniques and more common methods of advanced identification. The course will also consider the implications of poor practice and misinterpretation of results.

Course content

Subjects presented by our brewery consultants will include the following:

  • 'To spoil or not to spoil' – Classification of undesirable microorganisms within the brewery
  • Good microbiological practice and the interpretation of results
  • Advanced methods of detection and identification
  • New challenges of low and no alcohol beer based drinks
  • Wine, cider and soft drink microbiology

This course is suitable for those already familiar with brewery microbiology, or for microbiologists who are new to the brewing industry and is also available on site (and can be tailored) if customers have larger groups to train.

"Understanding which techniques are required to speed up the identification of potentially damaging microorganisms is key to providing an efficient microbiology service for the brewery and protecting the brand. This course helps to hone these skills and is great both for those wanting to develop their brewing microbiology skills or as a refresher."

Karin Pawlowsky – Event Director

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Further information

For further information, to check availability or to enquire about further options such as delivery of the course via webex please contact us on +44 (0)1737 824244 or e-mail: