Brewery microbiology – an introduction

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Benefits of attending

This two day course combines theory with hands-on work and is an ideal opportunity to get intensive training for those working with maintaining brewery hygiene. 

This course works well as a foundation for those who are new to this area of microbiology, but is equally useful for those who already have some experience and wish to sharpen their skills.

Course content

The first day of this course provides an overview of brewing microbiology:

  • Background to brewing microbiology
  • Sampling, sample plans and HACCP
  • Traditional microbiology, detection and identification of beer spoilage micro-organisms
  • Brewery hygiene, CIP and monitoring of cleanliness
  • Rapid microbiology, new methods

On day two, delegates will undertake a basic brewery audit at a small local brewery. This will provide the opportunity to put into practice some of the concepts and skills discussed in day one. In addition an optional afternoon session will allow participants to review basic microbiological techniques in the laboratory.

Event Director - Grzegorz Rachon

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Further information

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