Thermal processing of acidified foods, live online tutor-led training course

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Acidification, using acidic ingredients to regulate the pH of a food or beverage product, is a technique that is extremely widespread, as demonstrated by the range of acid products we see on the shelves such as cooking sauces, dips, soft drinks, condiments, pickled fruits and vegetables. For these products to remain stable over a long shelf life, a robust pasteurisation process is required. This can be applied before a hot filling process, or once the product has already been filled into packaging using an ‘in-pack’ heating method.

These crucial considerations specific to acidified foods manufacture are covered in this one-day online course, which is inspired by our popular Principles of Pasteurisation course. The course explores how the pH dictates the severity of the pasteurisation process, how both pH and the thermal process can be monitored and validated, and how to choose which method for pasteurisation and filling is suitable. If you are new to the sector or require some refresher training around pasteurisation, this concise course would be ideal.

The course will be delivered live online over the course of one day (0900 - 1630 hours),  participants will be sent log in details for a Microsoft Teams session. 


Training Course content

Pasteurisation & hot filling operations specific to foods that are pH controlled

The focus is on the critical aspects for the safe thermal processing of food and beverages and therefore, fundamentals such as thermal microbiology, retort operations and process validation are covered.

  • Microbiology of pH controlled pasteurised products
  • Measurement & control of pH in food & beverages
  • Calculation of P values
  • Practical validation methodology & data analysis
  • Typical processing methods, e.g. hot fill and hold, tunnel pasteurisers, kettle cookers and retorts

For a more in-depth pasteurisation course, including detail on topics such as CIMSCEE calculations, water activity, preservatives, with more focus on continuous methods such as HTST processing, see the Principles of Pasteurisation course.

Event Director - David Whittaker

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