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News July 2019

  • Revised food safety guideline

    Revised food safety guideline

    ​Ensuring factories are cleaned and disinfected effectively a is fundamental prerequisite to the safe production of food and drink. A new member-funded project will update our guidance(Guideline 55) which helps businesses clean and disinfect their food factories. The new guide will address a number of changes in the management and practice of hygiene

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  • Dealcoholisation  - pilot scale trials

    Dealcoholisation - pilot scale trials

    ​The dealcoholised drinks industry is a dynamic sector  with reduced alcohol drinks becoming increasingly  popular with consumers. The international reduced alcohol beer market alone is estimated to be worth over $25 billion by 2024, with significant growth also predicted for lower alcohol wines and spirits.  As a result, industry is turning its attention towards the dealcoholisation technologies used for such products.

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  • Solid-state microwaves - the future?

    Solid-state microwaves (SSM) - the future?

    ​Solid-state microwaves (SSM) are a new development that may rival the traditional magnetron microwaves that we are currently familiar with.  One of the biggest challenges with heating food with microwaves are the hot and cold spots created by the relatively fixed-frequency of magnetron generated microwaves.

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  • Imaging for product quality

    Imaging for product quality

    ​Believe it or not, different sized bubbles taste different, so understanding how they’ve formed in a food product is crucial when developing new products, benchmarking and troubleshooting. This is just one of the areas in which X-ray CT scanning is providing unparalleled insight and data.

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