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Specification systems From January 2017

Five things you need to know about specification systems

What issues should I be aware of if I am switching from a paper system to an electronic specifications system?

The cost to implement an electronic system can be an issue. In some cases, specifications have to be manually entered into the new system. If a company has thousands of SKUs, this can take a lot of staff time.

What are the advantages to making the move to an electronic system?

Electronic systems reduce the amount of time and resource needed to manage specifications in the long term. Electronic systems are usually stored in the cloud, which enables staff to log-in regardless of where they are and is particularly beneficial for companies with multiple sites.

What considerations need to be taken into account when choosing a specifications system?

Before deciding on a specification system, it’s vital to understand what your company needs it for. It’s possible to just rent the software or you can opt for a fully customised system. One thing to bear in mind is that is a minimum of several hundred SKUs is required for a full specifications system so this option is only suitable for larger companies.

How long does it take to implement a new system?

It can take around a year to fully implement a new specfications system, but this can vary depending on how many specifications a company has.

Do specifications systems also include artwork checking?

No, artwork checking is not included in electronic specifications systems. A bespoke artwork checking tool, such as the one Campden BRI offers, can reduce the number of artwork versions and provide right first time approval.

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