Sustainable brewing and distilling - Water

Brewing - water

Map water usage

Identify / measure quantity and quality of water requirement at each point of use

Locate drains and measure or calculate “average” flows

Thus produce a WATER MAP (mass balance) of usage, type (hot, cold or drainage) and quality over the site

May be validated by comparison of total water in versus total water out over a long period (say 12 months)

NOTE: improvements to domestic (i.e. offices, lavatories) water usage are not considered on this site typically comprises less than 2% of total usage

Case study: Flensburger water monitoring system

Flensburger has installed a water monitoring system. In a large brewery areas of low importance may go suspended periods without being inspected. This was the case with Flensburger’s effluent outflow pipes. A water monitoring system which was installed allowed for pinpointing problems as soon as they occur and significant savings were made.

Sauer, W. 2011. Energy Monitoring in the Flensburger Brewery. Brauwelt, 151(1/2), 32-34.

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