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Project management

Set up a water saving “team”:

Acquire the required approval:

Disseminate information as programme progresses

Consider “brainstorming” meetings with all members of each department

Ensure improvement is continuous and ongoing

Case study: Environmental Management at a Diageo site

Cross functional teams of environment, engineering, site managers, procurement are focused on improvement. Stretching public targets for 2015 are issued and built into managment appraisal system. Employees have a volunteer programme to get involved with and help, so environment is not exclusive.

Case study provided by Diageo in January 2012

Case study: Diageo's GREENiQ programme: harnessing employee power

At Diageo the GREENiQ programme envourages employees to represent their site’s "green team", with an award programme for the best initiatives. Green teams are awarded different scales of awards from bronze for programmes such as setting environmental targets, to gold, for achievements such as sending no waste to landfill.

Diageo Sustainability & Responsibility Report 2011. Published Online.

Case study: Sierra Nevada's approach to Environmental Project Management

From the report: "The Sierra Nevada Sustainability Department consists of a Sustainability Coordinator and an Assistant Coordinator who work with every department within Sierra Nevada operations The Sustainability Departments’s functions are three-fold. First, we maintain existing projects and programs (e.g. making biodiesel, operating the composter, and monitoring energy consumption). Second, we implement new projects and programs (e.g. researching alternative fuels, looking for utility efficiency upgrades, and improving recycling collections). Last, but certainly not least, the Sustainability Department is responsible for educating our employees and consumers about Sierra Nevada’ss sustainability efforts. For all of these endeavors the department depends on employee feedback, suggestions, and participation in order to turn Ken’ss visions into realities."

Sierra Nevada Sustainability Report 2010. Published Online.

Case study: Wells & Young's the 'Green Board' Approach

Wells & Young's set up a 'green board' of directors. Some of the projects of the board have been in working towards zero waste to landfill and minimising energy use through refrigeration. Having a dedicated team has allowed green issues to be objectively discussed and benefit the company.

Brewing Green Report 2011: first annual update. Published online.

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