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December 2016
Food structure and satiety
Manufacturing research
Microbiology process hall
Member funded research 2017
Microbiological methods: take part in ring trials
Support for companies exporting to the USA

November 2016
Research – with industry, for industry
Viruses: a big challenge
Innovation – the road to success
Collaboration research
Latest report – growth of spoilage bacilli
Our experts at events

October 2016
Wine profiling with GC/MS
Emerging ingredients
Proficiency in the laboratory
New Directors at Campden BRI
Benchmarking through chemical analysis
Training Academies
Geoff Taylor – new viticulture group

September 2016
Predicting the effects of hop blending
Vitamin D: our role in government advice
Assuring cereals quality
Meat quality testing
Meat packaging
Pizza dough press
Supporting students
MIGs - dates for 2017 published

August 2016
Chemical contaminants
Hygiene: the ultimate prerequisite for safety
Test baking and product development
Bacteriophages to control bacteria
R&D Reports
More virus expertise
New Council Chair appointed
STEC testing accreditation

July 2016
Food safety plans
Ecotrophelia winners 2016
New head for Chemistry
Global food safety training survey
Bubbles improve cleaning
Visit from Korea FRI
Brewing safety databases
Food authenticity testing recognition

June 2016
Brewing process development
UHT processing facilities for low sugar drinks
Food authenticity resources
Pilot plant for soft and alcoholic drinks
On-line technologies for food process control
Japan – a gateway to Asia

May 2016
Optimising cooking for better quality
New research helps chicken farmers
Which are the most challenging export destinations?
Emerging technologies in food and drink production

April 2016
Non-targeted screening for food chemical safety
Analytical and testing services
Hazy drinks report
Consumer facilities at Leamington Spa
Lectin analysis
Analysis & testing white papers

March 2016
Evaluating biocides
Foodborne virus research
Microbiological criteria for food
Sugar and energy reduction in drinks
International exchange competition
New test for predicting shelf-life
Steven Walker appointed to AFT Council
Rapid screening for chemicals

February 2016
Producing shelf–stable cocktails
Innovative and collaborative research
Changes in international regulation:
Improving fibre-enriched bread
Award from Dubai Municipality
Blending hops to match flavour
Research programme 2016

January 2016
Superchilling to improve quality and shelf-life
Quality in baking and cereals technology
Nutrition and health research and services
Midlands consumer test centre opened
Dates for the first round of MIGs 2016

December 2015
Product reheating through packaging
International regulatory advice
Hungary wins Ecotrophelia Europe
Hygiene team expanded
A day in the life of Greg Jones
New member-funded research
New publications released
Sam Millar honoured by US cereals

November 2015
Developments in food and drink safety
CPD through academies
HACCP guide - new edition
Analysis of chlorate/perchlorate in beer
Exploiting the Asian market
A must for must analysis
Investment in packaging equipment

October 2015
Monk fruit extract as a sugar replacer
Superchilling extend shelf–life and reduce waste
Analysis as part of safety assurance
Identification of physical contaminants
Small–scale wheat quality testing
World´s best wine book

September 2015
Integrating consumer and sensory methods to inform product development
Technical and regulatory information
First steps in the food industry: An interview with James Huscroft
A centre of excellence – its official!
Research reports available to download
2016 member interest meeting dates

August 2015
An ingredient functionality approach: shelf life extension
Global food safety training
Knowledge for alcoholic beverages
Food labelling: COOL rules
Tetrad Test
Keeping up to date with vulnerability
Determining the microbiological stability of low and zero alcohol novel beverages

July 2015
Risk models for due diligence
BRC 7 - we can help!
Helping the seafood sector
New rapid winescan
Hedonic tests - up to standard!
Greenfoods project update
Campden BRI Day 2015

June 2015
Anaylsis for supply chain resilience
Metal analysis/contaminant detection
Additives, flavourings and colours
Pukka Pies reduce pastry waste
Packaging art work regulatory checks
Latest research published

May 2015
New sensory methods alcoholic drinks
Substantiating sensory claims
Detecting emerging contaminants
Investing in your future
Forcing chilled shelf-life
Authenticity questionnaire
Optimise your thermal process
Latest research published

April 2015
Developing foods that make you fuller for longer
Stimulating product innovation
Personalised nutrition for consumers
Packaging that says health
Sensitive flavour analysis
Log your CPD - easily!
New research reports

January 2015
Innovation for industry
Reviewing energy costs - new project
UV-C processing capability
Heat process validation: using surrogates
Research programme 2015

December 2014
Sugar reduction using steviol glycosides
Improving high-fibre foods
New coffee roasters acquired
Meat and poultry services
Forcing out a shelf life!
Primary production and processing - a new department
You got what you voted for
Cereals and cereal applications testing working group

November 2014
Producing gluten–free beer
Oats methods
Flour functionality in non–bread products
Pea starch for dietary benefit
FIC – it's nearly here!
FSA Master Vendor
Out and about
FoodDrink Europe Chair

October 2014
Small scale test baking
Developing foods for weight management
Post graduate studentship on salad safety
Label checks – better safe than sorry
International Handwashing Day
Coefficient of friction testing
Power ultrasound – versatile and powerful
Latest research – cold atmospheric plasma

September 2014
Spoilage microbe survival in long-life chilled foods
Preventing haze in drinks
Food reformulation: reducing fat, salt and sugar in food
New nutrition, diet and health group formed
FIC, FIR and food sold loose
Complying with hygienic design and cleaning
New guidelines published

August 2014
Beer and saving the planet
Campden BRI chosen as partner of choice by Kuwait Research Institute
Nutrition labelling and the FIC
HACCP for composting and anaerobic digestion
Acrylamide toolbox
New chemistry lab
Ergot sclerotia contamination of cereals

July 2014
Assuring wheat and flour suitability for purpose
Healthy growth for Scottish food and drink companies
Industry skills gap
Food quality specifications
Campden BRI appointed by Qatar Government to provide training for food inspectors
Identification of tablets and capsules reported as foreign bodies
Campden BRI Day 2014 - review

June 2014
Improved residue analysis
Improved residue analysis
A flavour of things to come - the Q-TOF has arrived
Engaging consumers
Hazards and risks - let CHAS help!
Keep it clean!
Clubroot - effective heat treatments

May 2014
A holistic approach to food and drink risk management
Metal packaging
Ergot – a new threat from an old enemy
At your service – microbiological troubleshooting
Helping to put the flavour back in fireworks
Making samples for proficiency schemes
Member input required on research project
Precious research

April 2014
Confidence in allergen testing
New head of brewing services
Benchmarking food safety training
Countdown to FIC
Is your packaging doing its job?
Brewing databases and publications
Spring round of MIGs
Keep up to date with research
Register now for Campden BRI Day 2014

March 2014
Setting product shelf life
Proficient analysis?
Cereus–ly good work!
Unlocking truffle flavour for Black Moth vodka
Differentiating between fresh and frozen–thawed meat
Microbiology process hall
Ed Wray at Parliament
Countdown to FIC
Decontamination of low Aw foods and environments
Dream on!

February 2014
Reduced heating of bulk meat products
Protecting your business from threats – TACCP
Reducing salt levels in meat and cheese
Countdown to FIC
Ensuring safe cereal ingredients
Campden BRI Day speaker announced

January 2014
Intelligent process and product design
Responsible product development
Integrated crop management for sustainable crop protection
New flash pasteuriser for the pilot plant
Food imaging and measurement of texture
Member–funded brewing projects for 2014
Microbial contamination of packaging

December 2013
Reducing fat content of baked goods
Promoting healthy product innovation in Scotland
How crisp is your cracker?
Your vote counts again!
Revised food quality specifications
MIG webinar
EU organic farming training

November 2013
Emerging technologies for product development
Incorporating the consumer perspective into product development
Make sure your customers can heat your products
Brewing new products
Preparing for the unpredictable
100th new member for 2013

October 2013
Wheat harvest assessment
The clock is ticking – are your labels legal!
IFST foundation course in sensory evaluation for brewers
Updated Lead Auditor training
Enquiries and member service accounts
Member funded research project web pages

September 2013
Precautionary labelling for allergens – new guidance
Microbiology of crop plants – hazards, risks and controls
Sustainable baking with the Technology Strategy Board
Member Interest Groups (MIGs) dates for 2013–14
Food Information Regulation Workshop
What you really, really want

August 2013
Energy reduction in baking
Water use and re-use
Debbie Parker-Sommelier
Dancing to a different beat
Plastic packaging and shelf life workshop
Keeping up to date with research

July 2013
Get your consumers to act more sustainably
Energy and water efficiency benchmarking
EU sustainability research
Be cool – save energy
Campden BRI Day 2013 – Highlights
Jeremy Davies in Qatar

June 2013
Testing the quality of beer
Measurement of ingredient functionality
Why has my product spoiled?
Ensuring that UK cereals meet safety standards
Product innovation through sensory insights
Services for the animal feed sector
Challenge your products - microbiologically

May 2013
Development of new analytical methods
Packaging – is it fit for purpose?
Certificates of recognition for pesticide efficacy testing
Controlling your manufacturing process
Pesticide controls – guidance
Integrated food supply chain to get integrated support

April 2013
Cold plasma – a new technology with potential
Test your processes in our pilot plants
Free papers
Revised food specifications
Washing to remove pathogens
Campden BRI Day 2013

March 2013
Process validation – research and services
Brewing and malting services
How good is your microbiology laboratory?
Campden BRI at IFE
New research published
E–mail address change

February 2013
Antimicrobial surfaces in food manufacturing
Dispense hygiene in the brewery
How effective are your cleaning chemicals?
Upcoming seminars
Advanced training for millers
Diary date: Campden BRI day

January 2013
Water from non–potable sources
Reduced sodium cakes
Practical hygiene help
Brewing Division lands GREENFOODS project
Research programme 2013
New Council Vice–Chairman
Ecotrophelia Europe – food innovation to be rewarded

December 2012
Getting to know your consumers
It was your vote that counted!
Improving wheat protein quality
How do we prevent metal closures going rusty?
Tailored HACCP training
Seeing through the haze
Blogging at Campden BRI

November 2012
Natural antioxidants for bread dough
Understanding consumer behaviour
Food-related health issues in the UK
HACCP prerequisites - training supported by the RSPH
Food safety briefing paper
Barfoots – 100th new member in 2012

October 2012
Children's food product development
Defra origin–labelling survey published
Have a drink on us!
Particle analyser – practical applications
Reducing salt in products
Keep up with science and technology

September 2012
Problem with moulds?
Practical application of knowledge
Food packaging product development
Vote for the ones you want
Lab technology - all the latest
A CLAS act!

August 2012
Consumer perceptions of health and wellness
More new kit – drinks carbonator
Reducing salt levels in bread
More new kit – liquid chromatography
Environmental performance of European brewers
Panel dates for 2012–13
On the podium - at the AACCI meeting

July 2012
Don't destabilise your products!
Lower legal limits for Ochratoxin A
Major investment in equipment
Improving process safety with CTemp
Campden BRI Day highlights

June 2012
Starch functionality – what is best for your product?
Food particle shape and size analysis
Salt – the most multifunctional and controversional ingredient?
What do your internal audits show?
Latest reports
Replacing those hard fats

May 2012
Validate the microbiology of your processes
Check and verify your HACCP plans
Influencing consumer choice
Rondo Smartline now installed
Packaging research
Unwanted migration

April 2012
Could there be allergenic contaminants in your raw materials?
New bread making process commercialised
New research – ways to improve food package seals
Operational support services for the food industry
Food Information Regulation
Rapid microbiological methods

March 2012
You talked... we listened!
Improving fermentation performance
Tracing microbiological contaminants
Training partner for the FSA
Keep up to date with our research
BRC 6th edition help at hand

February 2012
Research brings knowledge and opportunity
Product innovation trends
How good is your microbiology laboratory?
New bakery plant
Benefits of membership
Microorganism facts at your fingertips

January 2012
You talked, we listened
On-line guide to food law
Improve process control & reduce energy use
Contaminant analysis and identification
Memoranda of Understanding signed
What does the food and drink industry need?
You´ve paid for it - now check that we're doing it!

December 2011
Integrated crop management
It was your vote that counted
Food under pressure: clean up your labels and be more competitive!
Store your grain safely
Public health responsibility deal
Lab equipment showcase

November 2011
Meat discoloration and Aeroponics project
Power ultrasound technology in food processing
Cutting the cost of hotspots
A new market beckons
Campden BRI – approved seafood training site
Eccelso become our 100th new member of the year

October 2011
Allergen cross–contamination
Heat processing for food safety
Food allergen thresholds
How hot is it inside your food? – ask CTemp
Compare your laboratory instruments
Processing foods – under pressure: new guidance

September 2011
Food law at your fingertips
Production of safe food training
Hot topics in food microbiology
Meet like–minded people
Hurdle technology in food manufacturing
What's the latest with New Technologies?
Scientific updates

August 2011
Improving the quality of gluten-free bread
Microbiological methods: validation, utilisation and interpretation
Packaging and reduced waste
Developing heating instructions
Research Summary Sheets
Roy Betts appointed to ACMSF
Campden BRI researchers win awards

July 2011
Pasteurisation of dry ingredients
Antimicrobial surface technology
Fish authentication
Partnerships win funding for training schemes
Campden BRI and KWA win grant funding
Campden BRI Day 2011
Yeasts, moulds and sorbate

June 2011
How effective is this disinfectant?
Nutrition labelling of food
Further expansion of our scientific knowledge
Does your product look and taste as it should?
New food product development process
Methods for the detection of taints in food
Microbiology laboratory design

May 2011
Making sure your meat looks good
Image analysis identifies product quality
Expanding our scientific knowledge
Why consumers throw bread & cakes away
Vote for official communication electronically
How risky are your raw materials?
Working together to improve food safety

April 2011
What do consumers really think?
Helping food producers with their business
Helping you with audits and standards
Developing a food label
Beating the competition
Minimising taints in food
Hydrocolloids conference

March 2011
Listeria challenge testing
Operational support for the bakery industry
Processing in a modified atmosphere
Quality determinants in peas
Safety and quality management
Packaging testing - tensile strength on camera
Food consumer eye tracking research

February 2011
Napping – assessing product characteristics
Identification of microorganisms
Testing of disinfectants
Cost of food labelling changes
How strong is your package
Your partner of choice
Food and health innovation for Scotland

January 2011
Mycotoxin analysis in food
Potential for increased shelf life testing
Microbiological methods
BRC for Food Safety Issue 6 – an insight
Yeasts and moulds grow well at low temperatures
Research at Campden BRI

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